Sep 02, 2023

Passenger hijacks airplane PA with serenade of 'La Vie en Rose' by Edith Piaf

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She took in-flight entertainment to kooky new heights.

A passenger hijacked the intercom system on a delayed Jetstar airliner and bizarrely serenaded the cabin with an unsolicited rendition of “La Vie en Rose” by Edith Piaf, according to a video that went viral Friday.

In a moment fit for the flick “Bridesmaids,” the woman is seen belting out the classic French tune near the front of the cabin as travelers laugh and stare wide-eyed.

“WTF is going on?” passenger Conor Clarke wrote on TikTok.

“Flight has been delayed 2 hours and now this hippy is f—ing singing,” he added, along with footage of the strange performance.

“She didn’t even do requests,” he quipped.

The video was viewed more than 1.2 million times before it was taken down by Clarke Friday.

A spokesperson for the Australian airline apologized for the delay and warned that the gal’s show was against the rules, according to

“While we enjoyed the impromptu in-flight entertainment, and this customer channelling their inner Edith Piaf, the PA system should only be used by crew, so this does need to be a one-off,” he said.

Others compared the in-cabin concert to a scene from “Bridesmaids” in which Kristen Wiig’s character, Annie Walker, takes a pill to ease her fear of flying and ends up crooning a slurred impromptu song to folks in first class.

“We need to normalize people like her in society … protect her at all costs,” one observer joked.

Another added, “She’s just ready to party.”

Others called the spontaneous show “obnoxious” and wrote simply, “HELPP.”

It wasn’t immediately clear where or when the flight was delayed.

“La Vie en Rose,” or “Life in Pink,” is a 1945 ballad by Piaf, a legendary French singer, which became popular worldwide in the aftermath of World War II.